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  • Learning with interest.

  •  Making your own discoveries, creative process in all subjects.

  •  Individual approach and consideration of age characteristics.

  •  Promoting vision integrity and connections between subjects.

  •  Time spent at school as a valuable part of life.

  •  The importance of example and the development of social competence.
     Physical and mental health.

  •  Connection with living nature, healthy eating.

  •  Development and cultivation of free will.

  •  Acquiring a variety of practical skills in a multi-faced environment.

  •  Familiarizing and enhancing one’s capabilities.

  •  Promoting the right choice of profession.

Application for enrolment in the first class of 2021/2022 academic year.


Children who will become 7 years old by the end of the consecutive school year can be enrolled in the first grade of the school.

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